Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Alibi Network - A Business Model for the 21st Century?

Here is an idea whose time is long overdue! It seems that the Alibi Network has developed a sizzling new business model in that they've found a way to profit off of "the dark side".

This website offers a buffet service providing and executing excuses to allow budding lotharios to cheat on their significant others, the shiftless to call in sick and the unemployable to present themselves as top executives. AN will customize a workable "solution" to meet your every need. Duplicity was never easier.

The Alibi Network has installed a sophisticated phone system that can make any phone number appear on a phone's caller ID when its owner picks up. The application of such a clever use of technology is virtually limitless. In addition, they employ skilled actors who are capable of following any script and instructions to make your immoral scheming a success.

If profits begin to fall off at some point in the future, they could certainly reinvent themselves as blackmailers of their burgeoning client base.

Oh happy days!

Need a White Lie or Alibi?
If you have discretionary needs,
we've got you covered!
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