Saturday, April 02, 2005


What do high heels and AIDS relief have in common?

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is doing its part to help women and children in Africa affected by AIDS. They will be "asking some of the world's sassiest women to strip down to their heels and diamonds, and let the best female photographers in the world capture it all for a coffee-table book".

The project will be called Four Inches.

This is my kind of charity. The article I've linked above discusses the project in some detail. I particularly appreciated the psychosexual analysis of the empowering effect high heels have on women.
"Wearing high heels is a mood-altering experience. Your posture changes, your confidence changes, the way you walk and hold yourself changes."
That and your calves don't look so fat.

The analysis continues:
"Heels are a woman's semaphore system: they send out the message that "I only stand for canapes, and I certainly don't run for buses".
I'm not exactly sure what a canape is but that part about the buses is sure true.

On the darker side, there has been some speculation that the American Board of Podiatric Surgery helped initiate the idea.

I'd suggest another, somewhat different, project directed at men to help them confront the inadequacy they will feel being around all those empowered, canape-eating women. That book can also be called Four Inches.

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