Saturday, April 09, 2005


The Village Idiot of Story, Indiana

The small town of Story, Indiana is in the news as the winner of their annual Village Idiot Award was announced today. This year's winner is one Mark Carmichael. Apparently it was a very competitive field making Carmichael's accomplishment all the more impressive.

Mr. Carmichael had been a strong contender all year but sawing through a live wire and wrecking his truck hours after purchasing it put him over the top.

I have to confess that after reviewing the efforts of some of this year's competitors, I'm concerned that his selection may have been an injustice. It seems that this past year, not one but two of Story's citizens knocked themselves unconscious while opening their car doors. At a minimum, an honorable mention for both of them was in order.

So what's next for Mr. Carmichael? Perhaps he'll be able to parlay his win into a career in politics.

One other point: the bylaws of the contest specify that the winner receives a $100 bar tab at a local tavern. Good idea?

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