Monday, April 04, 2005


The Border Blues

The U.S. Border Patrol seems to be having problems with some pesky "Minutemen". These volunteers are doing their own patrols for illegal aliens along one of the most porous regions of the Arizona - Mexican border. Rather than being embraced for their efforts, they have instead been accused of interfering with the government's day-to-day operations. Apparently, while moving along the border, volunteers are tripping sensors that the Border Patrol is then obligated to check out.

Obviously, this is troublesome for the government. They have no choice but to investigate every such alarm in case it was triggered by true illegal they can zoom into action and do absolutely nothing. To me, this irritation seems a bit disingenuous. At least now, when the Border Patrol officers do absolutely nothing, the bright green glow of the mainstream media's night vision goggles will be cast on their inactivity.

Other than the specter of a group of federal agents constantly having to jump up in the middle of Temptation Island reruns, to me it's typical of federal underachievement. Perhaps this is the sort of Head Start program the Border Patrol could use.

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